Physio Baby Nest Mommy Touch TAUPE

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The MommyTouch Baby Nest is an innovative, original product designed by physiotherapists for infants 0-16msc providing healthy sleep, physiological positioning in 3 stages of development

Dimensions 95x50x15cm

Made of certified OEKO TEX 100 fabrics

LIKE A SKIN technology reflects resilience and softness of Mom's body

Special curves on the surface ensure physiological positioning of the child

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  • The one and only Baby Nest in Europe, created by specialists.
  • It has already put thousands of Toddlers to sleep across Europe since 2019.
  • A proprietary, innovative product safe for babies and children.

As baby comfortably settles into the back and side positions, the cocoon's arms hug baby, gently squeezing them for a sense of continuous wrapping.

The cocoon can be used as a crib on the parents' bed, in the crib as a separate sleeping space with a protector or as a play mat on the floor

The combination of OEKO TEX 100 certified fabrics, antiallergic interior, the intensity of their filling, hardness and elasticity - "LIKE A SKIN" gives a calming effect, reflecting the springiness and softness of Mom's body, giving the child the feeling of constant lying in Mom's arms and Mom's touch

The use of special curves on the surface of the cocoon ensures physiological positioning of the baby's head and spine, as well as safety from the first days of life until 9 months (a comfortable space to relax even for 4 year olds)

Various options of positioning the child ensure proper, healthy rest in 3 successive stages of child development 0-3msc, 3-6msc, 6-12msc (on the X zone under the head / on the other side on the flat part / on the arms of the cocoon)

*Wash machine wash (large drum) at 30 degrees, no detergent. Spin max 800. Dry flat in a ventilated room.

*Wash in the laundry without chemical detergents.