If you have problems with placing an order in the store, you can place an order by e-mail.

Write which products / color / size you want to order and provide your shipping address

and telephone number for the courier.

In response, we will provide data for payment and give all the details of the order.

Contact: shop@hugglesrepublic.pl

1) The Huggles Republic store is managed by a natural person who runs a business under the name of Huggles Republic, with its registered office at the address: Jantarowa 29 lok. 54, 20-582 Lublin , NIP: 9461713694 (address for correspondence and mailings Jantarowa 29 lok. 54, 20-582 Lublin)
2) The Internet Shop sells goods via the Internet, in the form of a distance contract concluded between the orderer (Buyer) and the store (Seller). Orders via e-mail can be placed in our store 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Orders are realized on working days. The store conducts only mail order sales, there is no possibility of personal collection. The price given next to the goods is binding at the moment of placing an order by the Buyer.
Shipping cost: Courier InPost - 12,90 PLN gross in Poland.
Foreign parcels - realization of a foreign shipment after prior arrangement of the cost of UPS / DPD 39zł-86zł gross (pricelist of foreign parcels is given in the tab Delivery.
In case of foreign orders please contact us in advance: shop@hugglesrepublic.pl .
3) The Internet store sells products via the Internet. Sold goods are free of defects.
4) Payments for the purchased goods should be made to the bank account number in the title giving: name, surname and telephone number of the person placing the order. Data for shipment: Bank: mBank Account number: 81 1140 2004 0000 3802 8180 0003 or using DotPay electronic payment system (in Poland). Payment can be made by debit or credit card. PayPal account is not required.
5) Orders are accepted through an online store. In case of giving false, incomplete or incorrect data, the Seller is not responsible for further fate of the goods sent.
6) In the event of circumstances preventing the execution of the order, the Seller undertakes to immediately notify the Buyer of the situation.
7) The costs of shipment shall be covered by the Buyer.
8) The Seller shall not allow payment for the ordered goods upon their receipt (no possibility of "cash on delivery" shipment).
9) The order is realized and sent within 1-14 working days from the date of booking the payment. (working days counted - Monday-Friday, not including Saturday and Sunday)
10) Estimated delivery time by InPost courier - 4-12 working days. The delivery time may be changed (lengthened) for reasons beyond the Seller's control.
11) In case of unavailability of some of the goods covered by the order, the Buyer is immediately informed about it. The Buyer decides whether the order is to be partially or fully cancelled.
12)The price given for each item is binding at the time of placing an order by the Buyer. The store reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer, introduce new goods to the offer of the online store, carry out and cancel promotional actions on the store's websites or introduce changes in them. The change of the price of the goods/goods will not apply to orders placed before the price change.
13) SALE - The execution of an order is carried out within 9-18 working days from the date the payment is booked. (working days counted - Monday-Friday, not including Saturday and Sunday) 14) Expected time of delivery of goods in the SUBSCRIPTION option - 2-5 working days. The delivery time may be changed (lengthened) for reasons beyond the Seller's control.